•Cholesterol free
✓Blend of Exotic Amritsari Flavours
✓ Aromatic North Indian flavours the vegan way !
– DIP for Roasted veggies, Baked potatoes, Falafels, Kebabs, Wraps
– As marinade for Soya chunks, Tofu, Mushrooms
– Add extra zing to Biryanis, Hummus etc
TRADITIONAL NORTH INDIAN STYLE – Relish this beautifully spiced dip and spread with typical north indian touch, oozing with aromatic authentic flavours without being hot….Add a Desi twist to your dishes the vegan way !
SPREAD IT ON HOT PARATHAS- Replace the dairy butter and give your Aloo Parathas a deliciously rich Amritsari touch you’ve never experienced before !
USE IT AS MARINADE FOR- Tofu, Mushrooms, Soya Chaaps, adding spice to your base gravies.
DIP IT WITH ROASTED VEGGIES AND BAKED POTATOES – Flavour up your veggie platter and your roasted veggie sticks with first ever north Indian style vegan dip.

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