Plant Made Instant Vegan Hazelnut Coffee


Rich toasted hazelnuts muddled with intense coffee that will transform a summer day to a cool breeze and a winter morning to a cozy afternoon.

Great Alternative for lactose intolerant individuals. Soy Based.

Made from the highest quality refined and deodorized soy proteins. Our process ensures you get a super soluble, fine powder that retains all the nutrients and flavours of soy are almost undetectable.

We use only the best quality of protein extract to create this delicious alternative to this nutritiously indulgent beverage. We use only the best quality of coffee and chicory extracts to create this delicious alternative to World’s most consumed  Beverage.

  • PlantMade Super hazelnut Coffee  is made from non-GMO, vegan & premium quality refined, neutral, easily dissolvable super coffee and doesn’t taste like soy..
  • PlantMade Super Coffee is considered a great alternative for people with lactose intolerance/ irritability and also people following a keto diet.
  • Super Coffee has a low GI which means it is a slow-burning natural sugar energy keeping you feeling energised for a long time.
  • PlantMade Super Coffee is completely vegan and plant-based (contains no milk protein or dairy based solids). gluten free, no preservatives, no GMOs, no added Sugar, No Artificial Colors, & No Nuts. Contains soy.
  • PlantMade Super Coffee packs a kick of natural coffee and chicory to give you a comforting cup , full of flavour every time.

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