Plant Made Coconut Milk Powder


Embrace the goodness of pure coconut milk, a great alternative for milk and beverages. Reduce the dairy in your diet without denying yourself the pleasures of a warm cup of milk or to cream up your gravies, kheer and ice creams in a healthy way.

Great alternative for lactose intolerant individuals.

Every cup of coconut milk contains protein, calcium, iron, Vitamin A and Vitamin C for your daily needs.

  • Plantmade’s Coconut Milk Powder is completely vegan and plant-based (contains no milk protein or dairy based solids).
  • Coconut milk is great for people following a Keto Diet.
  • Great alternative for lactose intolerant individuals.
  • Coconut milk has a low GI. It is a slow-burning natural sugar energy keeping you feeling energised for a long time.
  • Gluten free, no preservatives, No GMOs, No artificial colors and no soy.
  • It is free from all major allergens.
  • Plantmade’s Coconut Milk Powder is very versatile.
  • It works great for beverages (hot and cold).
  • It is a wonderful addition to vegan dessert recipes, imparting a sweet and subtle flavour of coconut.
  • Mix the coconut milk powder in water in 1:3 ratio for making coconut milk and 1:1 ratio for making coconut cream.
  • Can be used in baking, making curries, cookies, gravies, making ice cream, yogurt, pudding and much more.
  • Use as a milk replacement in chai, coffee or hot cocoa.
  • Few reasons as to why you should keep coconut milk powder in your pantry.

Convenience: It is convenient to use. As you don’t have to take the pain of removing coconut flesh and extracting milk out of it. All you have to do is just add warm water to Coconut Milk Powder and you can use it. Especially when you need a slight amount of it for some recipe.

Easy Storage: It is easy to store. Unlike the canned coconut milk which can’t be stored for long. This can be stored for long and used for months if stored under the right conditions.

Wide Range of Applications: Vegan cooking requires plant-based milk ingredients often and not always it is so easy to make or access them. You can use this for a wide range of cooking and baking related applications starting from morning tea to lunch tofu curry and dinner smoothie.

Nutrition Rich: Coconut powder contains high levels of healthy saturated fats like MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids), which assists in supporting a more healthy metabolism and balancing your blood sugar levels, among many other things.

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