Madake Bamboo toothbrush for Adults


A bamboo toothbrush is your baby step towards sustainable living. It does the same thing as a normal brush without the burden on the environment.
  • Our Toothbrushes are made of natural bamboo sticks.
  • Nylon 4 Charcoal Infused Bristles
  • Soft Bristles, Enough to clean the teeth but not too hard to damage the enamel
  • Recommended for Sensitive teeth.
  • Recycled Kraft paper packaging

Care instructions:

  • If not required, dont keep the brush covered in a cover when wet.
  • Keeping the brush wet for long periods of time can lead to blacking on the handle.
  • When disposing, you can remove the bristles and throw in in the green bin or compost in in your garden.

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