Jus’ Amazin 5-Minute Badam Kheer (200g)


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Now you don\’t have to spend hours trying to make the perfect Badam Kheer – make delicious Badam Kheer in just 5 minutes !

It’s made from just 4 natural ingredients (Almonds, Organic Jaggery, Organic Khandsari Sugar & Cardamom) Ready in just 5 minutes – you just need to add water and cook for 5 minutes to get Delicious and Nutritious Badam Kheer.

Not only is it easy to make, this delicious, guilt-free dessert is made with 86% Almonds and sweetened with Organic Jaggery and Organic Khandsari Sugar (no refined sugar), with no additives / artificial flavours or chemicals !

One jar makes 8 servings of Yummy & Guilt-Free Badam Kheer.

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