Good Dot Vegetarian Biryani (200g)


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  • Packed with the goodness of soya, pea protein, gram flour, quinoa, flax seed and wheat
  • Add water and pressure cook as directed (one-step process)
  • Healthy, high protein, zero cholesterol, zero trans fat product with the goodness of dietary fibre
  • 100% Vegan with plant-based protein bits for eating pleasure

GoodDot Vegan Biryani – We bring to you flavours of Avadh with kewra and kesar adding to the charm of this dish, bits of vegan plant-derived protein chunks boost your health and eating pleasure. Convenient, One-Step pressure cooker format, this delish product will delight your taste-buds and address your hunger pangs! All the flavour and nutrition comes enveloped in the mild, sweet aroma of carefully selected long-grain Basmati rice. let we know about this wonderful GoodDot Biryani.

This Vegan Biryani is a 100% Vegan product, with No Cholesterol and No Trans Fats! the Vegan Biryani added benefits of protein and dietary.

This is used for easy-to-digest for became as really nutritious! Good health and good taste go together. Like with its other, it has brought cutting-edge innovation in a pouch.

Ingredients basmati rice, Gram flour, Soya flour, wheat Gluten, vegetable protein (pea), fried onion (10%).

All contains permitted naturals colours and flavours and its substances .

specially contains included like soya, wheat gluten, groundnut.

for taste using some spices black cardamom, black pepper, caraway, green cardamom, clove, bay leaf using some cooking powders like red chilli, onion, turmeric, saffron beet red.

these all are special ingredients using for making this product more tastier.

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