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Emkay Coconut Milk Powder : We read about adulteration of milk and milk products everyday. Animal Cruelty, environment problems, climate change, rainforest, gas emissions and it goes on. Looking to all these issues, Emkay has come out with the perfect alternative- Emkay Coconut Milk powder. Just mix or blend with hot water. Tastes amazing with chilled water and some sugar. You can make Milk Shake by adding Squashes or sharbat of any flavour. You can use to make it smoothie, milk maid, Rabdi or sweets. Coconut is more superior to all other nuts and seeds, as it is much easier to digest than other nuts. Moreover, coconut is one fruit that contains every single nutrient that the human body needs.

7.5 gram to be mixed with 100ml hot water.

MASALA TEA : mixed with water, put it to boil. Add tea, sugar (or sugar substitute) and tea masala(cardamom, pudina, ginger as per your choice) and let it boil. Vegan Masala Tea is ready. Nature of coconut is thin, so you might feel it. but you will enjoy health.

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