AXIA Grenyogert Probiotic Almond Yogurt [Mumbai Only]


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The grenyogert\’s Almond Yoghurt is a healthy affair of The probiotic bacteria, prebiotic dietary fibre\’s with mutthibhar overnight soaked almonds which is naturally packed with protein MUFA, PUFA, Vitamin E, dietary fiber\’s & with the goodness of dates.

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Nutritional Informationfor 150g%DV#
Total Carbohydrates(g)186.4
– Dietary Fibers(g)6.529.9
– Natural Sugar as Fructose(g)3.6….
– Added sugar as sucrose(g)0.0….
Total Fat(g)10.315.9
– MUFA(g)7.2….
– PUFA(g)1.5….
– Saturated fat (g)1.5….
– Trans Fat(g)0….
– Cholestrol(g)0….
Vit E (IU)1863.3
Vit B12(mcg)2.136

*Approximate Value
%DV# tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet 2000 calories a day used for general nutrition advice of an average adult. Serving should be adjusted for children of different age.

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