AXIA Gren Butter


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grenbutter”- World’s First Cultured Almond Butter with a Protein..
The Better BUTTER-grenbutter”. The only vegan butter which has protein. This game changer is a perfect answer for all queries raised against the “Nutritional value” of Plant based Butter. The most convenient, delicious, affordable & sustainable vegan butter spreads.
After several months of research development, Axia with their unique Formulation, design, process & technology have successfully launched the Cultured & churned Almond butter under the brand name of “grenbutter”. It is crafted with only 3 simple ingredients. It is crafted with probiotic cultured almond butter, coconut oil & sunflower lecithin. It is designed to have a flavor and mouthfeel similar to regular butter. This vegan butter acts just like a regular butter. World’s First ever vegan butter which has 8g of Almond protein /70g Per pack which made a history.  The grenbutter spreads, melts, browns & bakes phenomenally. The unsalted grenbutter is a dairy & soya free. Due to Axia’s unique technology, this butter is shelf stable for 2 months at refrigerator temperature. The preservative free formulation makes it widely acceptable from kids & adults. It\’s keto friendly. Almost every vegan or vegetarian or even non-vegetarian is eating the grenbutter without compromising on taste & health. It is free from cholesterol, trans fat & vegetable hydrogenated fat. The product is high in Heart health friendly MUFA, PUFA & MCT’S. The grenbutter has positive impact on the health of the environment, animals & people.

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