Greend's Story

Greend India was conceptualised and formed in late 2019, as a result of 2 frustrated vegans coming together and wanting to make a change in the Indian vegan market! Greend’s motto is simple – bringing accessibility to affordable and nutritious vegan items (food and otherwise). There are thousands of brands across India that manufacture vegan products! The problem is that most of them are scattered and not mainstream enough for the daily customer to discover them. This can lead to the preconceived notion that there aren’t enough vegan options in the Indian market! We’re here to revolutionise this very thought process.
What initially began as India’s 1st 100% vegan hamper service soon blossomed into a full-blown online vegan retail store!
Products ranging from healthy vegan food, gluten free snacks, to eco-friendly personal care items and bamboo based home care items are all found in various categories on this platform. We aim to help anyone and everyone who is vegan as well as non-vegan and is curious on how to reduce their carbon footprint based on their daily consumption patterns. We also help new vegans transition and get some nutritional help (contact us here: [email protected] for personalised information).
We hope you enjoy your experience on our platforms. Are you a brand that wants to get listed on our website? Contact us on the above mentioned email ID.